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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") describes the manners or ways in which (“AIMK Information Providers Pvt Ltd / Tradejinni,” hereinafter referred to as “We / Us” as per the need) treats your personal / confidential information that you may share with us, while availing any or all of our products / services. Please be assured that your privacy is paramount to us. This privacy policy has been formulated to inform you and help you in understanding how “AIMK Information Providers Pvt Ltd / Tradejinni” collects, uses and takes care of your professional / personal information.

Your Information / Data

In the normal course of providing any or all of the products / services, you need to provide certain information to us in order for such services / products to be provided seamlessly. Such Data/Information may include your professional and/or personal information such as your name, address (Business and/or Home), phone (Landline/Mobile/Pager) number, e-mail address, Usernames (Pre-existing/New), services/products of your interest etc. It is wholly up to your wish or it is your liberty whether you decide to provide/share with us such information/data. Please note that in case you choose not to provide all or any part of such required information/data, we may or may not be able to provide some or all of the services/products offered by us or as required by you. Please also note that in the normal course of business we may record textual /voice conversations with you or your associates / affiliates / employees / agents or the persons acting on your behalf and may preserve/store the same for sundry purposes including but not limited to assessment, profile analysis, quality control, improvement in the products/services and other such purposes.

Use/Sharing/Parting of Information with Third/Other Parties

At ‘AIM’K / Tradejinni, your privacy is of paramount importance to us. However, as you shall appreciate, there are certain conditions / times when we need to part with / disclose / share your professional / personal data / information to third / other parties. ‘AIM’K / Tradejinni shall use the Data/Information shared by you for providing products / services to you as per your requirements and as per our resources availability. In the course of performing or imparting such products or services, we may need / require you to provide / part with some or all of the data / information to third / other parties. Yours agreeing to use Tradejinni shall be construed as an affirmation that you do not have any objection to such disclosure / sharing / parting of requisite information/data. Tradejinni may also provide/send / share your postal / official / residential address, phone (Landline/Mobile) number, email addresses to the registered users (vendors, product/service providers) of TradeJinni so that they may contact you as per their need. Please note that ‘AIM’K / Tradejinni may make use of data/information provided by you for various purposes including but not limited to:

1) Creating new products / services / offerings

2) Improving our products/services

3) Protecting our rights in the matters pertaining to legal / regulatory context or in any other matter as per our discretion

4) Protecting the rights of third parties including any other user/s of products / services

Please note or be informed that we may assimilate / collect/aggregate personal / non-personal information about the users of our products / services or the persons who visit our Tradejinni website / app and share the same with any third / other parties on such terms & conditions as may be deemed appropriate by the management of ‘AIM’K Information Providers Pvt Ltd.

In the normal course of business, there may be times when our executives shall have telephonic conversations with our users / registered service providers / vendors regarding any service / query or any other aspect. ‘AIM’K/Tradejinni reserves and shall be well within its right to share / disclose recordings of any of such conversations / phone calls made between any user and ‘AIM’K; any service provider and ‘AIM’K; and/or any of the users and service providers listed on Tradejinni; to any party and/or parties who may be instrumental or helpful or may be providing assistance to us, in terms of internal aspects of training & development, quality control, monitoring and related enhancement; or in terms of further improving our service(s), designing / creating new service(s) or any other aspect. By agreeing to use our services / website/app, you hereby bestow us your consent to share/disclose such conversations with third party or parties for purposes as deemed appropriate by ‘AIM’K. We assure you that such third party or parties shall be bound by appropriate confidentiality agreements, which will limit their further use of such data / information.

‘AIM’K conducts its various businesses through the Tradejinni platform and other appropriate forums, intends to run Tradejinni as going concern for the foreseeable future. However, to increase the shareholder returns and keeping in view the best strategic course of action for the company, we may decide that our business shall be acquired by or merge with any other business organization/company. Further, we may as per the strategic review undertaken from time to time; decide to restructure our business (including reorganizing or amalgamation) in the best interest of the company. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to share or part with some or all of your professional / personal data / information with resultant business entity / another business entity. However, in any such scenario the resultant business entity / another business entity shall follow these privacy related points with respect to any of the data/information pertaining to our users/registered service providers.

‘AIM’K/ Tradejinni may, in the best interest of the company and its customer/users, forge partnerships with some other online/offline service providers for putting forward/offering/proposing a integrated products/services. In such cases, we shall be straightforward as to the knowledge of such service or our partner and hence we may need to share your personal data/information with such partner (s). We shall update this privacy policy as and when such partnerships are initiated. Please note that we shall not disclose/share such personal information with third parties without your prior consent. However, in specific cases, when it is required by the law of the land, after the initiation of such partnerships/collaborations, we shall be obligated to share / disclose such information / data with the relevant regulatory agencies.

‘AIM’K / Tradejinni in the due course of conducting business resorts to outsourcing  certain functions to third parties including but not limited to technology oriented / related services, web space hosting, servers hosting etc. Some / all of such servers / other hosting services may be located / offered from outside the country you are domiciled in and such third parties may have access to your professional / personal Information. You upon agreeing to use this platform you confirm / reaffirm that you do not have any sort of objection to the same.

Mandatory Disclosers

There may come up certain cases / circumstances wherein it may be mandatory to disclose / share personal information as per the law of the land. As we shall be under obligation to disclose your information under such circumstances, including but limited to proceedings under the purview of a court, past / ongoing judicial proceedings, or other legal process / investigations pertaining to our organization or in order to exercise our legal rights or defend against any sort of legal claims. Essentially, we may need to disclose professional / personal information to law enforcement agencies, to certain third party investigators mandated by the regulatory agencies / quasi-legal entities / Courts, however, the same shall be intimated to you in the due course of time.


Regarding Third Party Links and websites: Please note that the Privacy Policy as elaborated by us is applicable only in relation to the data / information provided by you on our platform / collected by us / your access to our products / services / websites. In the normal course of business, there shall be certain links that would be provided through our platform / website / app to certain other third party service providers. However, this policy does not apply to such third party links / websites (that you may access or make contact from), if you choose to submit / provide any information on these third party links / websites, via accessing them through our platform. When you do choose to visit such third party sites, you must go through their respective privacy policies and must agree to the same before any further interactions.

We strive to take reasonable degree of measures to make sure that there is no unauthorized meddling / breach / compromise whatsoever with the service on which your professional / personal information is stored or saved. However, please also note that we cannot make any commitment or guarantee that such a breach of security will not occur.

Please also note that we do not control the policies of the advertisers (which may be appearing on the ‘Jinni Tenders’) on their sites. When you click on links and / or ad banners that take you to third-party web sites, you will be subject to the third parties' privacy policies. We encourage that you to read the posted privacy policy statement whenever interacting with any web site. If you have questions about how one of our advertisers uses information about you when you click their ad, visit their site, and view their content, please contact them directly.

Continuous Streamlining of the policy: Please note that this privacy policy may undergo changes from time to time or as and when required or deemed appropriate by us. If you choose to continue to avail the services offered by us, it shall mean that you give your consent to such changed / updated policies and hence such updated policy shall be binding upon you. In case you do have some concerns, regarding such updated policies, we encourage you to get in contact with us via email / mobile / landline for further course of action.

The user must make sure that information as voluntarily furnished to the platform is authentic / trustworthy / genuine. The user must vouch for the trustworthiness and the truthfulness of such data / information, as in case of any wrong information the user providing such information can be removed from the platform without any further notification or correspondence.

Regarding Cookies etc.: In order for the website / platform to function properly, we may store / send cookies or any other appropriate / necessary technical requirements on your system / mobile and keep track of IP addresses used you. Such cookies may record data / information that your browser sends when you visit any of our website(s) / platforms. Kindly note that the default configuration of most of the browsers allows for providing your data / information to the websites that you visit but if you can alter such configuration as per you wish. However, do note that if you do disable such features or alter such configuration (so that we may not be able to store cookies on your system), you may not be able to access some of our products / services.

(Cookies are the pieces of data that are stored by a user’s web browser on one site to simplify subsequent interactions with that site by the same user or to use the information to streamline the user's transaction on related web pages.)

Communication with other users: The structure of Tradejinni is such that you may be able to interact with other registered members / users of the platform via different means of communication offered by us through our platform. For instance, via the comments section at the end or contacting via emails. In such cases, such emails or comments might mention name and / or email address visible to the receiver. Please note that we shall not be anyhow responsible about how the recipients use this data / information.

Please note that only registered users / members of Tradejinni will be able to communicate with you through our platform through a form that shall be explicitly exhibited onto the platform itself. It shall be totally at your discretion to respond to such emails or calls (in case you allow to be contacted via this medium) without which the senders will not be able to know such details like number / email address. However, you can always change these preferences in the settings section of your profile on Tradejinni.

Your Responsibilities

We strongly recommended you to keep your Login / Member ID and password that you use to access ‘Tradejinni and its affiliates’ safe and secure. To make sure the safety and hassle free and uninterrupted usage of our services and security of professional / personal data / information do not share your password with others. In case you are unsure about the privacy of your Login / Member ID or password, please immediately contact us via email / landline / mobile.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or if you would like to get more information about our disclosure of personal information to third parties, please contact us by e-mail as follows: info@tradejinni.com