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Being a Business Owner, the important parameters that you would look for when you list yourself on a platform are ROI, web traffic, exposure, and SEO related advantages. Essentially, Tradejinni not only helps you have more digital visibility, but also lets you provide information to the customers that will be beneficial for them to make informed business decisions.

We moved ahead one step more…Not only a listing platform, we are a ‘Business Visibility Provider’. We host Business Pages on Trade Jinni for your business or the professional service you offer. In addition to Business Pages, there are a whole lot of features that Trade Jinni offers like a Business’s and / or a Businessman’s Social Profile, Community Groups (accessible to only specific communities like Jeweler’s Community or Grocer’s Community), One-Click Information Sharing; amongst others.

A more detailed information as to how Tradejinni can be beneficial to you can be gauged from the below mentioned points:

Direct Benefits

These benefits will increase more and more with the passage of time and the activeness of the Business on Trade Jinni.

Professional Appearance: When you get a Business Page on Tradejinni, owing to the platform being 100% verified you would be able to present yourself as a professionally run concern or business. When a consumer sees your Business Page on Trade Jinni, they will consider your business to be a professional place and an authority in your area of business.

Increased Visibility: Attaininghigh rankings in the search list increases the chances and ways that your business can be search & discovered by the potential customers. More the choices of being searched more are the chances that the business volume will increase.

Added Seal of Trust: When potential customers find that a business is listed in a verified directory then it provides them an added assurance and added satisfaction that you are a real & legitimate businessperson and not any fraudster.

Boosts Online Identity: Creating a Business Page / Listing your business on Tradejinni does not require any special technical skills rather it is very easy to create and maintain. Hence, it is a very cost effective way increase your online presence, which is considered a necessity in today’s times. However, for your convenience, our executive will himself be creating such business page as per your wishes.

Slashing Marketing Budget: Today, Marketing is necessary and what’s more thrilling then having platform that in addition to being fully verified also offers more place and visibility in terms of your target market penetration. Essentially, at Tradejinni, you will have a brand with a logo pointing at your exact business location, visible from any computer from the world, GPS, or any mobile device.

More Effective Marketing: Once you get yourself a Business Page on the Trade Jinni, you would that be in a better position to connect with the target audiences. More and more people would be aware want your business and by the passing of each day you are so to notice the improvement in your prospective business.

Tradejinni filters your business according to categories and subcategories, which captures in a more pronounced way in the search engines algorithms and hands mix for effective marketing tool.

Free Advertising: A Business Page / Listing your business on the Tradejinni platform offers you free advertising benefits in terms of resource commitment, without incurring any kind of cost you would be able to make your online presence a reality.

Brand Management: As you know these are the times of tough competition and many of your competitors would be busy in making their brand image, if you get left behind your business will suffer. Tradejinni provides you with an added platform where you can highlight your company, mention your address, photos, videos or any sort of promotional material as you like and get noticed from amongst the crowd.

Increase in Business Prospects: We are all aware that in today's times online presence has almost become a necessity. If you stay far behind the competitor would definitely get an added advantage would be ahead in terms of Business expansion. In case you opt for a Business Page on the Trade Jinni, it would mean more enquiries more prospects and hence more Business expansion opportunities.

Increased Revenue: When a prospective customers find out your Business Page/ Listing on the Tradejinni platform then there are more chances that they were crossed you as you would be listed under a platform that is hundred percent verified. Customers would be more than willing to do business with you, which will increase your revenue stream manifold.

Better return on investment: As the Business Page or the listing on the Trade Jinni platform is most reasonable, you will get increased queries and more business volumes. Hence, on a cost benefit analysis your return on investment would be huge.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Top Search Rankings: When you get yourself a Business Page listed on Tradejinni, you receive a boost in search rankings because search engines give preference to well built and well managed business directories or platforms like Tradejinni. Having your Business / Listing your Business to Tradejinni is an excellent tool for search engine optimization. Mention your website URL on the platform and it will help to garner more hits or visits. In this way, you will be able to get double benefits of added online presence and increasing number of visits to your website.

Search engines place value on the links from the business directory back to your own website (called back links), having these back links, will move your website higher in the search rankings.

Increased Recall: When users or customers shall locate your Business Page on Trade Jinni, they are more likely to remember your business’s name and will directly interact with you. Essentially, you would be increasing the recall rate of your business in the customer’s mind. 

More Local Queries: In today’s timespeople, especially younger generations, almost entirely depend on their smart phones and other Internet-enabled devices to locate everything rather than relying on books and newspapers like the old days. Your presence on Trade Jinni will mean that your business will get the added attention of the local citizens looking for specific service, as you shall be listed on a platform that assures 100% verification.

Better Feedback & Improvement: At Tradejinni, weappreciate customer’s genuine comments, tips, suggestions, and critiques without any biases whatsoever. In this way, by opening yourself up for customer feedback and consequent improvement, you shall be increasing the reputation and hence the future prospects of your business.

Gather Customer Testimonials: Potential customers who are looking for a product or a service most often visit a number of review sites before selecting a particular company. Trade Jinni allows its users to review the performance of the listed companies and there is dedicated section for such reviews and ratings. If the business opts for such review and ratings to be visible to general users, customers will most be likely to consider this as a positive gesture and would in fact will give due consideration to these in their purchase decisions.

Prevents Misinformation: If you have moved your business to a brand new location, then most probably you would be moving in a space, which might have previously been occupied by some other business. In such a case, when you make sure that your business is listed on the Tradejinni, people or your target segment, will be able to get most updated information.

Missing the Opportunity Bus: If you have not listed your business on Trade Jinni, India’s first 100% verified business platform, you are missing the potential revenue stream and hence a business expansion opportunity, that is waiting to be tapped.

Ask any Marketing Personnel out there and they would advise you to have online presence; more so when the platform is like Trade Jinni, which makes sure the space is provided to only & only genuine businesses and users. 

A Visiting Card for Everyone: It does not matter what is your business area, there is a limit to physical distribution of visiting cards. However, no such limit when you are on Trade Jinni. Your Business Page is like virtual visiting card that is open for your potential customer’s perusal.

Bringing Two-Fold Traffic Flow to Your Website: Tradejinni brings two-fold traffic flow to your site – direct and indirect.

Direct traffic flow means customers can find your business via website listing and the clients that visit your website turn out to be potential leads. Indirect traffic means, clients who enter your business site through search engines.

Having your business listed on the Trade Jinni will help you improve the search engine rank, since the URL of your website will become an inbound link for a relevant search result.

Specific Benefits

Appreciation for highest reviews: ‘AIM’K Information Providers Pvt. Ltd., the owner and operator of Trade Jinni, will be annually publishing a verified Business Digest or Magazine, which will be providing exclusive content and information on the businesses which have received maximum reviews from the users on the platform. Such businesses will have entire articles based on them and a grand function would be organized to celebrate and commemorate such an achievement.

Video sharing: If a Businessperson has its own YouTube channel or has liked some of the videos on YouTube or any other video based social platform, then he can share such videos on the Trade Jinni platform. All such videos which a Businessperson intends to share will be visible on their Trade Jinni Business Page itself ( this will be an automatic process and a business member will be relieved of any other hassles regarding this).

One great feature is that the views will increase simultaneously on the YouTube channel also and on the Trade Jinni also, thereby providing more visibility and traction to such videos amongst the masses.

Sharing web page with other media platforms: Businesses can, with a single click share their profile page or the business page created on the Trade Jinni with various other social media tools like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other such tool.

Furthermore, business users can link their business pages with media tools as mentioned above and with a single click can update on other platforms by using Trade Jinni.

Message / SMS to other Members or the Community: businesses can send SMSes or their messages using the one click service of trade Jinni. Such messages or a SMSes will be sent across as per the wish of the businessman to his community or to the persons selected by him. Please note that such SMSes will be promotional in nature and will not be sent to any DND numbers as per the regulations of TRAI.

A businessman can also send messages to users or the reviewers of the social profile or the business page on Trade Jinni, intimating about various activities / information or any other important update.

Benefits for Users

Trade Jinni offers tremendous benefits to the users also for increasing and appreciating their participation on the platform. The first and the foremost benefit that users derive is that they get to become a part of a verified platform and hence get immunity from the bogus users, which inundate almost all other social, & interaction platforms.

Users can make their social profile on the platform and interact with various businesses. Such interaction will have some unique features other than general characteristics, which will make this platform uniquely different from other social networking platforms. Some of such benefits are:

Users can follow a business by making their social profile on the tweet Genie and search users who follow businesses and interact with fellow users also will be given a preferential access to various Deals And offers provided by such businesses.

Users can choose to get access to businesses on the basis of a particular region state or district as the case may be. Hence, power rests with the user himself in terms of the use he or she can make of the platform.

If a business shares some of the videos from the YouTube or any other video based platform then search videos will be visible on the business web page of the business itself and the users of Tradejinni will be able to watch videos on the Tradejinni platform itself. So there's no need to get out of the platform and incur additional data charges.

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