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About ‘AIM’K Information Providers Pvt Ltd

‘AIM’K Information Providers Pvt Ltd is engaged in offering a broad range of B2B and B2C solutions to the business community. The company has recently launched its flagship product TradeJinni, an online platform that has been conceived as a one-stop shop for providing an array of solutions to businesses and general customers.


Business directories have existed in various forms and there are thousands of them on which, businesses can create their presence. A few years ago, they were called Yellow Pages; in today’s times, majority of the people use search engines to find local/regional businesses. Most of the online business directories are nothing but the traditional form of the print Yellow Pages, that is, websites that categorize business information into certain lists. However, no one takes pains to ascertain whether the information that is provided is authentic, genuine, and truthful. No one tries to finds out the kind of hardships that users face when they are forced to deal with any bogus person posing as a businessperson. We at Tradejinni proudly and decisively proclaim that we take pains to verify any of the listing on this platform from even the smallest town or the village of India.

According to one research, almost 8 out of 10 people will look into an internet directory when they are in need of a particular service. It is these 8 out of 10 people, who look into an online directory, who will most likely become your clients coming with an intention to avail your service or purchase your product. This also means, some of these searches will convert into leads, and you have to make sure that they find you out by being on the right platform.

Almost like a social media marketing or content marketing tool, an online business directory promotes your business through what can be termed as indirect advertisement. However, there is a catch and a big one. No one can claim not even any business directory or any other indirect advertisement based platform that their database or the information is hundred percent correct fully verified and regularly updated. Hence, the data for the listing on search platforms becomes not more than mere an entry in the bunch of illegitimate claims. Such a situation is not ideal from the point of your customers or from the point of users who commit their precious resource like time relying on diffuse fullness and the genuineness of the data in the business directory.

It is due to this kind of very challenges that the concept of a hundred percent verified and updated platform took effect, which is called Tradejinni. In other words, Tradejinni is authentic information less all the clutter, genuine data less all the fake postings. It is thought of as a truly genuine business service platform that strives to provide digital solutions to every business owner - be it large or small and be it from a metro city or from a far-flung town of the country.

In fact, Tradejinni was conceived to eliminate such bogus information from the point of view of users and to provide a genuine business-listing platform from the point of view of businesses.

Trade Jinni provides an easy, safe and fast platform targeting the broadest possible user base and a large array of businesses, both big and small. Essentially Trade Jinni acts as medium of interaction and it bridges the gap between business & users providing solutions that will certainly act as a magnet for the businesses and various ‘user engagement features’ which will act as a magnet for the general users.

Trade Jinni’s benefits, in simple terms, can be summed up as under –


Research has indicated that when users search from their smart phones, they are actually showing their intent — they desire to purchase offline and from nearby areas — so much so that they tend to purchase o avail the service at more than twice the rate than consumers who use desktop. In fact, the same can be said about the online behavior of most of the people of present times. Keeping this in mind, businesses should invest in efforts to drive more searchers to their physical stores, and must have updated listing information on Tradejinni, as this is crucial for being found out and selected by potential consumers.

At Tradejinni, businesses have been categorized in a number of ways for the ease and for providing more and more information to the users of such business information. Some of the common parameters are:

Tradejinni has been built to exhibit more and more information about the businesses for the convenience of the user and a business can mention and update following types of information on the platform:


Hundred percent (100%) verified: Search engines like Google or Bing or any other directory, presents results in which you cannot make out which business is genuine or which is fake,  Tradejinni lists only those businesses that are 100% authentic or correct. Hence, prospective consumers would be more willing and confident while dealing with you if your business is listed on Tradejinni.

A recent trend has emerged that search engines nowadays are changing the way they display results with “geo-targeted” content receiving more and more emphasis – especially when the searcher uses keywords that suggest “local intent.” At Tradejinni, every business is verified by deploying various methods and one of the most prominent methods which is only used by Tradejinni is “Geo-Tagging” of the business. Such “Geo-Tagging” ensuresaccuracy of data, sanctity of information and verification of the business.